Hotel Info

Hotel Information


Hotel 1  Seishin Kobe Oriental Hotel (西神 神戸オリエンタルホテル)

Please tell that I’m a player at the time of hotel reservation. When not doing that, a special value and a special cancellation fee aren’t applied.
Please have their own responsibility the cancellation after booking the hotel.

  • Room rate (Single):9000 JPN Yen
  • Room rate (Double):15000 JPN Yen
  • Breakfast included:Yes
  • Tax included:Yes
  • Transport from hotel to site:No – there is no shuttle bus between the hotel and Beans Dome
  • Additional information:
    Hotel cancellation policy: Cancel on the day free in the morning, 30% payment until 15:00, 50% payment until 18:00
    On Saturdays, room charge is per person +1000 JPN Yen.


Hotel 2 Coop Kobe Kyodo-gakuen(コープこうべ協同学苑)
for Japanese player only 英語の対応ができないため日本人選手のみ対応です。
4,320円 / シングル(税込)
7,560円 / ツイン(税込)
朝食 520円
夕食 1,050円